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My Spitfire model in bizarre political mess (March 2009).
I was made aware of this article in the Daily Mail (UK): LINK. I’ve also seen this story pop up in various British, Polish and now also Swedish press.

Apparently the British National Party (BNP) are using a render of my Spitfire model in an anti immigrant campaign. The BNP however messed up because they missed that this specific Spitfire was flown by a Polack. Even the Polish signs are still there (the checkboard by the propeller, the word “Poland” beneath it, the Polish folk hat and the Donald Duck that was the sign of the Pilot who flew it (Jan Zumbach)).

What make this story even more bizarre are the facts that they used a render of a Spitfire model created by an ex-Polack (me). And the fact that they used a render, without permission, created by a fellow artist of mine (Kenwas) who made that specific image.

The model can be download from the bottom of this page: LINK
The render in question can be found here: LINK

A journalist from Metro (LINK) called me about the story and took some pictures:

...and then a reporter from Dziennik (LINK)

Here’s some pictures showing how the BNP used Kenwas render of my Spitfire.